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Arulmigu Athinatha Alwar Temple, Thiruchendur

   Alwarthirunagari Permual Temple is one of the Nava Tirupathi,Nine Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu located in Tiruchendur-Tirunelveli route, Tamil Nadu, India in the banks of Thamiraparani river. All these 9 temples are classified as Divya Desams, the 108 temples of Vishnu revered by the 12 poet saints, or Alwars.This is one of the 108 sacred places of Lord Vishnu and the 5th Navathiruppathi dedicated to Guru or Jupiter.
Alwar Tirunagari is believed to be the largest town in the time of Pandya kings. The name of the town in Sanskrit is Srinagari; and under this appellation, it is alluded to Brahmananda Purana. The distinguishing name, with azhwar prefixed to Tirunagari, Alwar Tirunagari. The place is believed to be the birthplace of Nammalvar. Just as in other avatars, or incarnations, Vishnu is believed to have incarnated as Nammalvar. The reason assigned to the incarnation is that Vishnu has incarnated in all 3 class of castes, but not in the fourth.Devotees perform thirumanjanam for the Lord and don him with new clothes. Those devotees whose prayers are fulfilled give as offering anything they desire.


   The nine Vaishnava holy places are considered as related to the Navagrahas (Nine Planets) and worshipped. The deities themselves are taken to be the Navagrahas and prayed. To a Vaishnavite, the term Alvar signifies Nammalvar who has rendered in Tamil Thiruvaaymoli, considered to be the essence of Vedas. He had not visited any divyadesam and remaining in the tree-hole, he sang of all the deities in the different divyadesams. It is believed that all these deities rushed to Kurukoor, sat in the branches of the tamarind tree and requested Nammalvar to hail them! Madhurakavi Alvar, born in Thirukkolur (Navathiruppathi for Mars), saw a blazing light from the south when he was journeying in the north, came to Kurukkor following the light. He saw Nammalvar sitting in Yoga in the tree-hole, understood that he was his Guru and declared in his 11 pacurams, commencing with the phrase “kanninun cirutthaambu” that there cannot be a God other than Kurukoor Nambi (Nammalvar). He then compiled the Thiruvaaymoli. Nammalvar alone has consecrated this deity in 11 pacurams.

Nava Tirupathi

Nava Tirupathi

Pooja Details of Arulmigu Athinatha Alwar Temple Pooja Name Timing
1. Thiruvananthal Pooja 6.00 A.M
2. Alangara Theertham 06.30 A.M
3. Vishwaroopam 07.00 A.M
4. Dosa Amutha Seithal 08.00 A.M
5. Thiruvaradhanam 10.00 A.M
6. Suttru Koil 10.15 A.M
7. Theertham Viniyogam 10.30 A.M
8. Samba Thiruvananthal 10.50 A.M
9. Samba Thalikai 11.00 A.M
10. Maalai Thirukaapu Nikal 05.00 P.M
11. Suttru Koil Thiruvananthal 06.30 P.M
12. Swamygal Thiruvananthal 07.00 P.M
13. Theertham Viniyogam 08.15 P.M
14. Thiruvisaka Thalikai 08.30 P.M
15. Karpura Seva 08.45 P.M

Temple Opening Time

Morning:05.30 AM To 12.00 PM

Evening:04.30 PM To 08.45 PM

Nava Tirupathi

Festival of Arulmigu Athinatha Alwar Temple

The Garuda Sevai utsavam(festival) in the month of Vaikasi(May-Jun) witnesses 9 Garudasevai, a spectacular event in which festival image idols from the Nava Tirupathis shrines in the area are brought on Garuda vahana(sacred vehicle). An idol of Nammalvar is also brought here on a Anna Vahanam(palaquin) and his paasurams(verses) dedicated to each of these 9 temples are recited. The utsavar(festival deity) of Nammalvar is taken in a palanquin to each of the 9 temples, through the paddy fields in the area. The paasurams(poems) dedicated to each of the 9 Divyadesams are chanted in the respective shrines. This is the most important of the festivals in this area, and it draws thousands of visitors.

Nava Tirupathi

Annadhanam of Arulmigu Athinatha Alwar Temple

     Every Day Annadhanam is being provided to the worshippers at 12.15 noon. Annadhanam Details Amount

One day Annadhanam for 50 persons


Permanent endowment for one day's Annadhanam Scheme
( The Annadhanam will be done on the day of your choice every year )

Nava Tirupathi

Arulmigu Athinatha Alwar Temple

The Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department Tamilnadu.

Executive Officer

Arulmigu Athinatha Alwar Temple,
  Alwar thirunagar,
  Thiruchendur Taluk,
  Thoothukudi district.,
    Pincode : 628 612 ,
  Phone no: 04639 - 273607
     Executive Officer: 94439 86996,
     Clerk: 95667 55063
   E-Mail :

Nava Tirupathi